Conservation Partners

Become a Conservation Partner with REEF to show your support for protecting the ocean! Conservation Partners serve as vital sponsors of REEF’s programs, as well as centers for marine conservation actions, outreach, and education. REEF provides unique benefits to all Conservation Partners, including REEF store discounts and promoting your business to our membership of over 65,000, both online and in print. As a Conservation Partner you will receive materials to help you and your customers actively participate in REEF’s programs to conserve marine environments worldwide.
How do I Become a Conservation Partner?
Conservation Partners demonstrate their support through an annual $100 program fee (a portion of which is tax deductible) and by annually participating in one or more of the conservation actions listed below.
If you are ready to become a Conservation Partner, click here to register and pay the fee. We will contact you once your information is received.
Conservation Actions
• Teach a fish or invertebrate ID class
• Conduct REEF surveys and advance a survey level
• Host a lionfish derby, lionfish collecting and handling workshop, or lionfish jewlry workshop
• Host a survey dive
• Host a Fishinar viewing event (Online fish ID webinars. You watch, we teach!)
• Partner with REEF for events or programs
• Support REEF education and outreach programs
• Sign up 10 new REEF members
• Display REEF informational materials in your business
• Display the REEF logo on your website
Who can be a Conservation Partner?
Conservation oriented businesses, dive shops, dive clubs, non-profit organizations, marine science centers, public aquariums, independent instructors, or other ocean science and conservation related institutions can be Conservation Partners.
Why Become a Conservation Partner?
It’s good for business. Most ocean enthusiasts want to support businesses, clubs, or organizations that support marine conservation. REEF will connect its worldwide membership of over 65,000 ocean enthusiasts to your business, club, or organization through online and print advertising, as well as social media posts, public talks, and promotional materials.
It’s good for marine life. As a water planet, the well-being of the earth depends on the health of the oceans that connect us all. Give your patrons the opportunity to give back to the underwater world by hosting REEF events like marine life ID courses, invasive species removal events, or by simply educating them about REEF’s programs and how to get involved.
It’s fun. Learn something new, teach something new and enjoy making a difference in the health of our oceans in concrete ways. Get hooked on giving back to marine ecosystems in the water, in the classroom, or at your local business.
Conservation Partner Benefits
• Receive a tool kit with REEF program materials
• Be promoted on REEF’s Conservation Partners webpage. Icons that represent Conservation Actions will be displayed next to your listing to let our membership see how they can get involved at your business, club, or organization
• Be featured in printed materials distributed to REEF members
• Receive a discount in the REEF Store
• Be highlighted on REEF’s social media, and promoted during REEF’s online Fishinars (webinar series that presents instructional fish ID webinars to the public)
Choose from three Conservation Partner Tool Kits that will help you get started:
1. Volunteer Fish Survey Project Tool Kit
For those most interested in supporting and participating in REEF’s Volunteer Fish Survey Project, a citizen science program that enlists recreational divers and snorkelers to collect data on marine life.
• Curriculum to teach marine life identification courses (NOT AVAILABLE for the CIP region. The images slideshow is currently only available on PC, or on Macs while running under Parallels)
• REEF Survey Starter Kit, with slate, underwater paper, and laminated ID card (NOT AVAILABLE for the CIP Region)
• Conservation Partner certificate and window cling
• REEF flag, rack cards, flyers, and other promotional materials
2. Invasive Species Tool Kit*
For those most interested in supporting and participating in REEF’s Invasive Lionfish Program, which seeks to control and prevent the spread of the invasive lionfish throughout the western Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.
• Curriculum to host and teach lionfish events including derbies, collecting and handling workshops, and lionfish jewelry workshops
• Conservation Partner certificate and window cling
• REEF flag, rack cards, flyers, and other promotional materials
*only available for Conservation Partners located in the TWA and SAS survey regions
3. Friend of REEF Tool Kit
For those most interested in general support of REEF’s main programs as a Conservation Partner.
• Conservation Creature plush – these iconic marine species from REEF’s Volunteer Fish Survey Project regions highlight the diversity of ocean ecosystems and encourage understanding and respect for marine life
• Conservation Partner certificate and window cling
• REEF flag, rack cards, flyers, and other promotional materials
For more information, contact Ellie Place at 305-852-0030, or email at:
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