The Giving REEF

The “Giving REEF” acknowledges our most generous supporters who donate $500 or more. The Giving REEF is located at Headquarters in Key Largo, FL. We hand paint each fish, which features the donor’s name on a plaque. Each fish is mounted from the date of the donation until the next November. Donors will receive a photo of their fish via email, and each fish will be based on giving levels: $500-Jack; $1,000-Angelfish; $2,500-Grouper; and $5000-Shark.

These are REEF's generous donors who contributed from January 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017.

Shark ($5,000+)

Grouper ($2,500+)

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
Argus Fund
Cox Enterprises
Janice Erlbaum
Mary Alice Fortin Foundation
Peter Fox and Sheryl Shea
Roger and Patricia Grimes
Henry Foundation, Inc.
Murray and Jeanie Kilgour
Chris MacGregor
Meyer Foundation
Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation
Franklin Neal
Susanne Otero-Mallon
Pelton Foundation
Patricia Richardson
Rock the Ocean Foundation Inc.
The Bernard & Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust
John and Bonnie Strand
Carl and Caroline Swanson Foundation Inc
Beaufort Foundation
Laurie and Don Brooks
Mindy Cooper-Smith
Ken and Sherri Deaver
David Fishman
Fred and Laura Hartner
Kreg and Margaret Martin
Mel McCombie and Harris Friedberg
Rob Mougey
Jeffrey Nehms
Douglas Oare

Angelfish ($1,000+)

Jack ($500+)

Carlton & Leslie Adams
Amoray Dive Resort
Martha Austin and Capt. Alan Wilson
Philip Balbi
Julie Barrett
Martha Barrow
Sally Bauer
Marta and Paul Bonatz
Amy and Nathan Brown
Adolphus Busch
Beth and Al Bruton
Barbara Chu
Chuck Curry
Marjorie Davis
Ned and Anna DeLoach
Steve and Mary Dingeldein
Kathryn Doane
Fred Drennan
Paul Duhamel
Neil Ericsson and Karen Florini
Carlos and Allison Estape
Laurel Fulton
Martin Giesecke
Steve and Marty Gittings
Joe Glaser
Barbara Goldstein
Fritz Hayes and Cindy Hewitt
Deborah Hebblewhite
Terry and Pam Hillegas
Norbert and April Hoeller
Oren Hopkins
Dean Howard
Paul Humann
Emily Ip
Kathleen Kingston and Scott Kisling
Linda and Lester Knutsen
Marcia Leatham
Albert Lee
Cynthia Lee
Simon Lee
Johnny Leuthold
Kreg and Margaret Martin
John McGurl and Michelle Gluck
Gordon and Meridyth McIntosh
David and Patricia Orr
Ole and Sheila Peloso
Neal and Cathy Rakov
Robert Ramin
Alice and Will Ribbens
Michelle Rogers
Linda Schillinger
Sharkey's Pub & Galley Restaurant
William F. Spitznagel
Alex Tausanovitch
Sheri and Jeff Tonn
Ann Tretter
Helen Truax and Ian Ross
Mary Underwood
Clint and Carol Whitaker
AmazonSmile Foundation
Jessie and Chris Armacost
Foster Bam
Bonnie Barnes
Luanne Betz and David Thompson
Byron Bishop
Connie Bogan
Norris Boone and Susan Cable
Rich and Kathy Bruch
Timothy Callow
Janet and Doug Camp
Antonia Claudio
Judie and Eric Clee
Charles Coulter
Crescent School
George Crull
Andy and Jessica Dehart
Kyle Dettloff
Rick Dobbins
Noreen and David Downs
Pieter Dykema
Donn Ellerbrock
Janet Eyre
Kevin Fitzgerald
Florida Keys Brewing Company
Cynthia Flynn and Deirdre Boyle
Deborah Freile
Eric A. Frick
Mindy Gould
Thomas Gromling
Craig and Susan Grube
Sam and Deb Haines Jill Haley
Robert Steven Hasday
Brenda and Richard Hitt
Horizon Divers
William and Kathy Horn
Peter Hughes
Carol Hull
Joseph Jenkins
Linda M Keefe
Richard Kornfeld
David Leard
Pat and James Lommel
Jet Long
Vic Luger
Callie Mack
Andrew MacLeod
Steve Mankoff
Teresa McCanlies
Jon McClintock
Bruce McCombie
Doug Miller and Karin Fletcher
Multi Parts Supply
Judith Neubauer and Cathy Stolle
New Mexico BioPark Society
Joseph Pieper
Gerard Powers
Melinda Pride
Bruce and Peggy Purdy
Walt Read and Susan Hughes
Rainbow Reef
Mary Roberts
Peter Shankel
Shulwell Family Charitable Fund
Brian Slopey and Meg Baird
Terry Stephens
Glenn Tucker
Denise Ward
Ann Watkins
Kay and Tom Wells
Richard White
Craig Wood
Jillian Zrebiec